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Alphabet Soup

So I'm going through emails when I briefly glance through one and notice it referring to "LGBTQI". Huh? When did the "I" get added? And more importantly, what the hell is it?

OK.. it wasn't all that long ago, it was simply "LGB".. obviously, lesbian, gay, bisexual. Then " T " was added because transsexuals felt left out. Then I think I remember reading some argument over it being "T*" to be sure it was inclusive of transgendered people as well as transsexuals. I guess somewhere the " * " got lost, or maybe I just made it up. I think now it's just "trannies" for short.... I can't say I'm really sure nor can I say I've followed it very closely — other than out of idle fascination at how ridiculously lame it could get.

Then, I remember hearing/reading of arguments because some people preferred to be called "queer". (I know... right?) So that left it as "LGBTQ", where I think it's remained for some time now. After all, how many more letters can you add?

Well, apparently someone has thought of something, because clearly now, there appears to be an " I " slapped right there on the end. What could that possibly refer to? Idiots?

Seriously, I really don't know. I'm at a loss here. But if they need to add more, I can think of three letters to add: WTF !

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