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The city that does sleep

Tonight being our last evening in SF, we went out to Bacar's... very nice restaurant in downtown SF. When one of the guys who we hired as a consultant began to talk about his trip to Prague, I mentioned a "documentary" I'd watched about Prague... turns out he was familiar with Bel Ami's documentary on the topic, and it was part of the story! I guess the Americans he ran into during his visit to one of the gay bars in Prague were visiting all the locations Chance and friends visited during their journey to Prague (lol). Small gay world, isn't it?

After indulging in a nice meal (and several drinks), I return to the hotel for a brief costume change to head out for the evening.

I went to The Cafe for a bit, which was now reopened. Pretty crowded also... Already a bit tipsy, I got my signature Amstel Light and randomly walked around the club as if I were going somewhere. After nursing that beer, I went over to the Badlands (pretty much the typical routine). Aside from a few gawkers, I met no one and surprisingly ran into no one I knew. Usually, it being a gay world, I run into someone I know... not this time.

After another half an Amstel at the Badlands, it was still early, but 12:15, so I decide to turn in only to find the Castro Muni station closed up tighter than a virgin. I knew the last inbound train ran around 12:30, so I decided to walk up Market to the Church Street station. If a convenient cab happen to turn up, I'd take it. All the cabs were seemingly on the other side of the street up until I reached Church. At that point it was too late, I went down to catch one of the last trains downtown to my hotel. After a brief trip, I got to my station.. walking waaaaaaaaaaaaay down the terminal to my normal exit, I ran into a Muni worker who told me that exit had just been locked up (after I walked up the steps, of course). I walked back to the next opening and got the hell above ground.

Anyway, here I am... 1 am. bored. and needing bed. Wow, this is a really boring drunken entry.. but such is my life at the moment.

Tomorrow I wake to do a bit of work, fly the hell back home, get my car (hopefully). And then probably back to the office before finally getting home for the weekend.


So good night. My drunk ass is goin' to bed.

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