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I wondered how long it would take...

At St. Louis Cathedral in the heart of the French Quarter, a statue of Jesus stood in a tangle of live oak limbs that had crashed to earth in the storm's fury. Two fingers on the statue's outstretched hand were broken by the limbs, but at least some Quarterites found the statue's survival a good omen.

"There are branches all around Jesus and he's left untouched," said Bourbon Street resident Lani Ramos. "It's just amazing."

I've read about this in a few places now. Cries of, "It's a miracle!" "Praise Jesus!"

yo, if "God" sent a category 5 hurricane to your city, buried half of it under 15 feet of water, destroyed your home and everything you worked for your entire life but spared a statue of himself or his "son," how is that either amazing or a miracle?! Seems to me that would just make him a narcissistic, sadistic prick!

...but maybe that's just me seeing the vodka bottle as half empty instead of half full??

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