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Oh the humanity

Another beanie bites the dust. My second favorite beanine is no mas. It went missing last night. This morning, my worst fears were confirmed: its carcass sits before me on the table. I guess the doggie didn't know he was doing anything wrong. He left one of his tennis balls in my messenger bag. I guess he considered it an even trade.

My most favorite beanie, purchased about a year ago at an army surplus store in Soho, was returned to the City by way of my leaving it in a cab about a month ago.

So last night, I was left with just one remaining beanie. The trepidation this causes, that I might lose one more beanie and be beanieless, was too much to handle. Finding beanies this time of year can prove difficult as stores are busily shedding their winter clothing in exchange for their summer wear (despite the 50-degree weather here). Oddly enough, PacSun was closed. Evidentally malls in SF close at 8.. wtf?! Urban was open, and I got a nice, new, warm Kangol reversible beanie. I still need to go to PacSun to see what beanies are left. I might be able to get an exact replacement for the beanie the doggie attempted to digest.

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