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Deez nuts

Pleasant surprise

They only let me take my car Saturday night if I promised to take it back Monday for them to do their pre delivery inspection. When I brought it, I'd planned to buy locking lug nuts and have them put them on. The locking lugs aren't super expensive, but they're not $5 either.

Unfortunately, after tracking down my sunglasses in the old car, I totally forgot about my nuts.

Driving to work this morning, I came upon a pleasant surprise. When I opened my glove compartment, I found my nuts sitting there! There was an opened package that contained a lug key, and four of the non-keyed lugs! Anyway, it was just kind of neat that the dealership did this. I didn't have to ask, pay extra or anything. I'm a huge fan of Glendale Infiniti now. I just wish I didn't have to go all the way to Glendale to get someone to screw my nuts. </double-entendres>

I can see my house from up here!

I was checking out the new Virtual Earth? You can like zoom in way closer than Google Maps. It's pretty neat (and creepy at the same time). It looks as if they don't have the detail for everyplace, but the westside seems fairly well covered. Zoom in on the Abbey, Santa Monica Pier, or just your friend's backyard.

"I want total sensory deprivation and backup drugs!"

It's been about a week now since my allergies just kicked into high gear. I'm on like Allegra-180, some decongestant, Flonase, and Musinex. The combination has had me all gittery and intense like whoa. Fortunately, I think my body's adjusted a little bit and things aren't nearly as intense. At times my mind was racing (and I'm hyper enough). Nonetheless, the battle is being lost. The mucus has refortified its front and continues its assault on my poor throat. Some friends speak highly of Tavist. I may have to visit the doc again. I don't think I like her as much as her fill in. The fill in had a plan! The regular doctor just says, "Well, you're on the best medicines we have." Blah, blah, bullshit.
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