Apr. 28th, 2003
So I spent the weekend carless — not a fun thing to do in L.A. Suffice it to say, it was a fairly mellow weekend. I did go out Saturday night and got way drunk (the one benefit of not driving!) Sunday I stayed in playing Unreal Tournament 2003 and chatting ppl up.

Now, it's Monday. I just called to check on my car, which by all accounts should be ready now. The guy now says, "I'll call you at 3:00 to let you know if it's going to happen today." IF? "What happened is the paint guy fell behind." Ok, numb nuts, on Friday, you told me the painting was all done. I hate people trying to dick me around. So fair warning: stay clear of Insurance Collision Center if you want your car back on time. I better be getting my car back today, or my insurance company will be getting ear full for recommending these lamers. I would imagine (hope) they track complaints to decide who to recommend/not recommend in the future. Ugh.. I want my car.
Mood: stressed
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