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Things that are retarded

  • Why does the day of the week start on Sunday? Honestly, what asshat came up with that idea? Clearly it makes more sense for the week to start on MONDAY. Why should I have to change the default on everything I own because someone thinks it cool to perpetuate this lunacy?

  • Why are we still using the imperial system of measurement? Shouldn't that have gone the way of the cart and buggy? Using centimeters over inches will certainly make everyone on much happier (19 cm sounds a lot better than 7.5", right?)

  • What's with this am/pm nonsense? Isn't the human brain capable of comprehending 24 hours? Drop the am/pm nonsense, and you solve so many things: (1) your alarm clock will never be set 12 hours wrong again; (2) clock manufacturers don't have to put in AM/PM indicators; (3) clocks will never again incorrectly indicate "12:00 pm" (as I'm sure your grammar teacher has told you, there is not such thing as 12 pm); (4) no one will ever again correct you for saying "12 pm" or "12 am."
  • Why does the U.S. list dates as Month/Day/Year, and the Europeans list it as Day/Month/Year?! They're both fucking retarded. Unless you read right to left or stick your head up your ass to put your pants on, it should be Year/Month/Day. More significant digits to the left. Add in time to the U.S. or Euro formats, and you have chaos! CHAOS!
    MM DD YY HH MM SS?!? What kind of order is that?! Clearly, it should be:

  • Why doesn't our vending machine have Diet Coke with Splenda Crack yet but still has the ones with cancer/tumor/extra head-growing/turn-your-prostate-blue aspartame?

  • Why do pro-lifers insist on inflicting their views on everyone else? If you don't believe in abortion, don't have one. If you don't like homosexual marriage, don't have one. If you don't like stem cells, move to a farm in Pennsylvania, stick leeches on your back everytime you get sick, and leave the rest of us the alone!

  • And lastly why... WHY hasn't the human race been dominated by a horde of huge elephant robot puppets yet?

Ohhhh... if I'm ever elected supreme being, I will fix all of this.
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