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Bad day

ugh... so I get a letter from my insurance company telling me they're going to report me to the DMV because of scraping my door (on private property), and they're going to put a point on my license.

Fuck that.

I'll pay the damn thing myself. It's not as if they're picking up much of it anyway. But of course now they're closed, so I can't even call to tell them to drop the claim. On top of that I have this horrible feeling they're going to tell me that the damage is done, and I can't retract it. So ultimately it may end up costing me more. Stupid fuckers.

I want someone to come over and watch tv/video games or something to make it all better. I guess I'll just go to Best Buy and buy myself a little happy. I have a gift certificate from work, and Unreal Tournament 2003 is out.

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