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Trembling before Ch-r

Last night's concert at the Hollywood Bowl was simply awesome.

The Village People opened for her, whereupon I learned I've been doing the "M" and "C" in "YMCA" totally wrong (the "M" does not go over your head, and the "C" is done backwards so the audience in front of you sees it correctly... who knew?) Anywho... I have some pics of that part of the concert too. I'll probably post some once I have a chance to edit them.

Cher rocked out, and the fireworks show was amazing.

Cher's grand entrance

The Diva herself on one of the Bowl's new screens next to the great Bear Flag. I really liked this shot. It's kind of blurry (as are some others). It's really hard to hold the camera steady at these slow shutter speeds—a task that was not made easier by the fact that my roommate made the thermos of Vodka and cran we brought hella strong (that and I'm a lush).

...and then came the finale.


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