The People's Exhibit A (davidology) wrote,
The People's Exhibit A

Not another Shiavo post

My mom finally asked the question the other day. (No, not that one.) The one that goes, "What do you think about this whole Terri Shiavo issue?"

"But she looks so alive," my mom said.

I didn't really debate that. Honestly, it's irrelevant, none of my business, and I've neither read enough up on her status nor care to. Based on the limited info I've heard, I think I believe the doctors when they say the activity we see is basic, inate, brainstem functioning and that the rest of her brain has actually turned to liquid. But... who cares? I'd just be one more asshat without a medical degree commenting on something I don't know enough about.

I told her what I didn't understand is why the President and the GOP thought it appropriate to call a special weekend session to interfere to possibly save this ONE life.

"He's standing up for what he believes in."

And there's the problem: the nonissues he uses to not address the important things.

I might respect these moral crusading, Republicans Do-Gooders (or so they'd like us to believe) if they stood up for other things. They stood up for this one "life" (for argument's sake, let's assume it is). But, as I told my mom, I want to know where the passion was and where was the special session to address the 14 kids who were killed in yet another school shooting. I wish George W. Bush and these God-fearing, Bible-thumping, Jesus Lovers would actually use that same fervor to stand up and call for some sensible level of gun control. After all, What Would Jesus Shoot? That's 14 lives (in just this one incident) to Shiavo's 1 (maybe 1).

I'd like to know where the special session was to address the sorry lack of basic safety equipment and armor our troops had. 1,530 U.S. troops (and counting) have been killed in Iraq, fighting a war he swore was necessary to protect the U.S. from the weapons of mass destruction that never existed. Where's the anger and passion over that?

I'd like to see Bush's Holy Crusaders call a special session to address the 18,000 Americans who will die this year because these "compassionate," God-fearing Republicans refuse... blatantly, heartlessly, callously refuse to even consider providing basic health care to its citizens.

Where's the perspective?

So pardon me if I'm not impressed by his stand to make a disgusting media circus of this poor woman's life. Pardon me if I'm once again not impressed by his moral, politically-motivated, self righteous indignation as a smoke screen to distract us from the things that really do and should matter.

Of course, I guess I should be grateful in some way to Terri and Michael Shiavo. They've taken the focus of the hateful, fundamentalist Christian lobby away from their crusade against teh gheys—at least for a little while. But don't worry, they have enough more than enough hate to go around.

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