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Where are my happy pills?

Okay, so I'm tired of being the only one at the table without anti-depressant stories.

"Have you tried the new Welbutrin?"

"No, my doctor has me on half an Effexor mixed in with a quarter Zoloft and a Paxil. You?"

Sadly, I'm not currently on any anti-depressants, anti-ADHD, nor anti-dealwithcrap medication, and I'm quite frankly sick of it.

Clearly, I need a new doctor. I miss my prescription-happy doctor who introduced me to the wonders of Ambien. Now I need to be able to control my waking hours. Better living through chemicals, I say!

Seriously, those medicine ads almost make me want to contract genital herpes just so I can go running around in the sun too! And who doesn't want 4 periods a year! Damnit! I long for those too now! but for right now... now I want THIS!

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