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Desperate Housewives and Naked Guys

Can you think of two better topics? In this case, they're one in the same.

It's been a great week for TV. First, "The Simpsons'" has its first gay marriage episode. Then, Betty White (Catherine) on "Boston Legal" said my favorite quote of the week:

"...I am saying that if you're out there murdering people, at some level you must want to be Christian. Would you let me take you to church?"

Finally, there was "Desperate Housewives," which friends and I watched Sunday night (since it hasn't stopped raining in like a week). Okay, I must admit: I was rather drunk and didn't remember posting this until I checked my email the next day, but it's all true. The show really made me want to play with my   TiVo-To-Go software and get these screencaps. Of course if you've not seen Justin's abs, let's first introduce you to the new gardner (who is the previous gardner's roommate):

Ryan Carnes as Justin, the new gardner

Now if the thought of both of those hotties walking around their apartment after showering isn't enough to make you want to watch, let me add: Justin's gay (questioning) and later makes out in the pool (naked) with...

Justin and Andrew macking

More naked boys in pool under the cutCollapse )

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