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Blizzard 2005 - there's no place like

My trip to New York was fun (as always), but let me say that I have never in my life seen so much snow. The crappy phone camera pics above do not do it justice. Just when you thought it couldn't snow any harder, mother nature doubled the amount and added a little wind for good measure. Let me tell you, there's nothing delicate about snowflake when it's flung into your eye at 15 mph.

But, trooper that I am, I neither let this stop my shopping nor my clubbing. I walked along 8th Ave in search of a shirt to wear Saturday night, ducking in and out of random shops to thaw out, trying not to get hit by the few taxis actually out sliding around. I never did find that shirt, but I did find a new pair of underwear (because that's just what I need, more underwear), and a scarf. Since I was leaving the next day back for Southern California (or so I thought), a new scarf was obviously needed.

The greatest snow adventure would come when I decided I needed to hit up Century 21. I don't go that far downtown usually, so I'm not familiar with the Chambers St stop. There's a subway exit right by Century 21, but I didn't really know how to get there, so I came up at the first one at Chambers. The snow plows weren't running through that area so I had to hike in my boots in about 5-6 inches of snow towards the bright lights of the WTC site to find my way, but I was determined. Both Century 21 and J&R were there, and I also needed to replace my phone headset that got lost somewhere in airport security.

When I opened the heavy door to Century 21, you could almost hear the divine "aaaaaaaaaah" noise of the choir sound among the high ceilings and bargains. It didn't last long, as shopping at Century 21 is about as pleasant as shopping at Ross. Things are thrown everywhere, and there are far too many people in your way. I did manage to pick up another pair of gloves, as I was afraid of getting snowed in and losing one of the ones I had. Besides, it will go nicely sitting in the drawer at home with the new scarf.

I couldn't, howver, get anyone to go out Saturday night. Undaunted, I still managed to get to Roxy. It was unfortunately much deader than I remember it ever being. The second half of the evening is a blur, so evidence points to having had a good time.

Sunday, our flight was cancelled, but I still didn't make it out to The Park, despite my claims otherwise.

One of the more memorable nights was our trip to Noodle Pudding in Brooklyn for Osso Bucco that was indescribably good. I've never seen a serving of veal so big, and let me tell you, that poor baby cow was not tortured in vain. I enjoyed every morsel that melted in my mouth, served by the hawtest Italian server. Seriously, he had me at "forget about it."

The flight back was rough though. The flight pushed back 45 minutes late, and by then it had started to snow again, so we needed deicing. I fortunately fell asleep. When I woke up, we were still on the tarmac. I thought maybe 15 minutes had passed, but it was over an hour. Thankfully I slept through it as I normally start feeling claustrophobic sitting on the runway that long. Between the rather bad movie, sleep, and The Urbz, I managed to pass the time.

Unfortunately, it's rainining here in L.A. I'm so over precipitation in all its forms, but It's good to be home.

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