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Web Imperialism

Ok... what the?! Why is it that I have to go to a website of a predominently U.S. company and be forced to select my country from a pull down of about 250 listed before I can proceed. Somewhere between Uganda and Upper Northeastern Mongolia is the listing I want: "United States".

Now I understand that even though we created the Internet and made it what it is today, it is a global phenomenon, which is largely a good thing. I also understand that relinquishing some of our stake in that entity is also beneficial to all humanity. Yadda, yadda, yadda... However, when 90% of a website's traffic is coming from a given country (whichever country it may be), is it such an egregious offense to place that country in the top spot as a convenience to the majority of its users? Case in point, I woudln't expect to go to the BBC site and have the U.S. appear first. I also woudln't be offended to see "United Kingdom" listed in top billing. But are you going to tell me that the majority of APC's traffic is from Argentina? Considering their corporate head quarters is located in Rhode Island, I'd think not.

I can see some being offended if the U.S. is hard-coded into the site's top billing by default, but what if it were based upon a simple formula — i.e. at the top of all country drop-downs, the top 3 countries that bring traffic to that site are listed. Is this idea so horrible?

I'm just sick of having to wade through these long lists on sites that insist upon listing every single blessed country. I think it's great that they are globally aware, but please.

Ok, I'm done ranting. Time to go to the gym.

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