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Update from the East Coast

I'm tired.

Flight was delayed on arriving by an hour.

Luggage was delayed.

But I made it.

I'm in Manhattan.

Nearly panicked when hotel didn't have wireless and my laptop couldn't find a signal in the room. The only signal I can find is practically hanging out the window, so I'm sitting here cross-legged, in my briefs, in the 7th floor window (which is also on the heater) with hot air literally blowing up on my junk. It's a weird sensation with the slight cold I can feel through the window on my right leg. Add to all this, that it's 3:30 am here, and I have to be up and ready by 9:30, and the only thing I'm worried about is if this internet connection will remain stable.

Oddly enough, the hot air is starting to feel too good. I really need to get off this ledge and go to bed.

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