The People's Exhibit A (davidology) wrote,
The People's Exhibit A

Coincidence... again

I went to Foodbar again. And, wow, the cutest guy waited on me. Damn! He was just HOT

Anyway, the food was great again. I ran into Bryan who I know from L.A. (but now lives in NY). He was seated at the table next to me with his friend Bob. What are the chances? I thought it weird I hadn't yet run into anyone from L.A. yet (well except for Treavor, but he's lived here long enough now that I classify him as a native now).

Really wish I hadn't lost touch with Chris Barr though. Anywho.. nothing I can do about it now short of running into him randomly. He doesn't frequent the Chelsea bars, so unless I'm trecking to Brooklyn (and somehow trying to find the right gay bar there), chances are I won't run into him.

Going home tomorrow night. Gets harder to leave this city each time I come. Can't wait to come back....

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