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Badgers... we don't need no stinkin' badgers

I was in a silly nerdy mood. I decided to make an animated gif from the badgers and turn them into borg. You will be assimilated.

Yeah, there's no point. Other than, the badgers and the wee squirrel are my zen. Anywho...

Evidence seems to be mounting that the election may have been rigged in many key states. Probably not likely the election will be recounted or overturned. In fact, most of the electronic voting machines have no recount capabilities or paper trail (convenient, right?) Nonetheless, for the sake of our democratic-republic, the problem had best be fixed. If you want a little scare, view Of course, the whole idea of a partisan, for profit company controlling the election machines is a really dumb idea that never should have been permitted anyway. But...Go Team Bush! *sigh*.

There was also an article in the paper about evangelical retards on the Texas Board of Education demanding publishers edit the copy of their textbooks to remove references to safe sex and replace them with sexual abstinence. They also had them indicate that marriage is between a man and a woman and to remove language that might suggest an idea that other types of relationships exist. They also had demanded that publishers indicate that homosexuals were more likely to use drugs and commit suicide. Fortunately, the publishers refused on the last part. I posted the article to the bush_sucks community, but I subsequently deleted it. Unfortunately, my chose of the word "retarded" (as in "look, they really are retarded") upset someone who thought it was offensive to the mentally challenged (yes, I swear to god, I'm serious). *rolls eyes* At first I tried pointing out the obvious (context is everything), but then started having visions of a protracted flame war like used to happen on the gaybruins listserv when the overly sensitive went 818, so I just deleted the whole post to avoid having to deal with LJ drama months later. Kinda sad, some people had posted some witty retorts. Oh well, they're in that big recycle bin in the sky now. I just want to say if I ever get that uptight, someone kick me in the ass and slip a ruffie in my beer stat.

Oh, and in case you've not read, a Bush aide today announced that Bush is already planning to call for the reintroduction of the Federal Marriage Amendment. The Republican cunt from Colorado who wrote the legislation has promised to reintroduce it as well, promising that this time it will pass.

Look at the pretty gophers. Our technology will complement their's nicely. I'm going to play Counter Strike now and pretend that the other team are Bush supporters (my accuracy is improving hXc!)

And if you're offended by anything in this post, GFY. Thank you, drive through. MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!

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