Nov. 2nd, 2004
An open letter to the world  
I'm sorry.

I don't understand what happened. I guess I, and many others, underestimated the utter stupidity of the American electorate. I cannot fathom how any thinking and caring human being could justify punching the ballot for that man—that hateful, bigot who actually thinks Jesus speaks to him at night. It's unfathomable... It's ridiculous... It's... just... wow.

You know, over 80% of you in the world, if given the chance, would have voted against him. Unfortunately, the myopic retards with the power to elect the leader of our country had their heads up their asses for the past four years. Seriously, I wonder if they were even paying attention. 1,200 of our troops lost their lives fighting a war to make Haliburton richer, and we Bush arrogantly pissed off the entire world doing it. I'm sorry that because we are a super power, you too will have to deal with the fucking idiot for another four years. Just sleep well knowing the stupid son-of-a-bitch doesn't run your country as well. Be thankful that your country isn't a trillion dollars in debt due to the utter arrogance and idiocy of a simple, simple man and his fervent followers. But don't worry, they'll all pray tonight for you—all of them and Fred Phelps.

Of course, as I write this, the election is still undecided, but the mere fact that this election is too close too call speaks volumes for the rampant stupidity that plagues this country of our's. Voters in 11 states approved constitutional amendments denying gay Americans of their rights to love the person they choose to love—yes, that's right, they amended their state constitutions. One of our states, Mississippi, actually approved the measure by 6 to 1—that's SIX TO ONE. Can you believe that? If that doesn't prove the caliber of people you're dealing with in this country, I don't know what does.

I am utterly, utterly disgusted and ashamed of my country tonight. I'll probably regret the tone of this message in the morning, but right now I just simply don't care.

To those of you who voted for Bush: what the fuck were you thinking? Clearly, you weren't. History will record this man the worst president in United States history. And history will record you a fool. Sleep well knowing that. But, truthfully I don't think you care about anything beyond your bank balance or perhaps it's your hatred of gays or your religious zealotry that caused your lapse of sensibility.

To those gay Americans who voted for Bush, well, you should just simply be ashamed of yourselves—seriously, seriously ashamed. You have betrayed your friends and loved ones in the name of greed, and your friends will pay the price for that. Bravo, but at least your taxes will be lower, right? After all, that's what life's all about. Forget equality, civil rights, love, respect, dignity... those aren't really important.

So... I guess, this concludes my apology to the world, and my giant fuck you to the electorate of the United States of America. How you manage to put your pants on in the morning and speak in coherent sentences quite frankly amazes me, and probably much of the world. Let me put this all in words that perhaps even you can understand: U R BIG MO-RON. As for me, right now, I don't even know if I want to stay in this country. Part of me wants to stay and fight—and let me tell, I will fight you fucking tooth and nail. But another part of me wants to leave. Leave to a country where virtues such as integrity and equality actually matter and aren't just sound bites spoken by ignorant fools during election time, while wrapping themselves in the flag. I hear Australia is nice this time of year, and the weather rivals that we have in Southern California.

Then again, maybe this is all simply the mojitos speaking, mixed with a bit of sadness and sour grapes... or maybe it's the ugly, blunt, honest truth of how I feel. Who knows? I won't til these strong emotions subside, and mojitos fade. But one thing won't change in the morning: I'm seriously disappointed in my country tonight. Seriously and honestly disappointed.

I just don't know what happened. I've lost all faith in this place. This was such a clear cut decision. I don't know of any other election that had such a clearly, and utterly right answer.

This is just surreal.
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nx01deevolution on November 2nd, 2004 - 11:22 pm
Surreal, but not that surprising.

I'd be happy toiling in the underground salt mines of giant ant overlords.
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on November 2nd, 2004 - 11:26 pm

Is there room in those salt mines for two?
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nx01deevolution on November 2nd, 2004 - 11:45 pm
We will be rounded up and chained together by the thousands.
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on November 2nd, 2004 - 11:47 pm
my jack in the box tacos got soggy
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eviltickles on November 2nd, 2004 - 11:23 pm
"I just don't know what happened. I've lost all faith in this place."

i have taken to curling up into a ball on my bed. it hurts knowing that people think that you are a second class citizen.
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on November 2nd, 2004 - 11:26 pm
I feel you.

I don't even want to ask my parents how they voted.

I just don't get it. I just don't.
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Mikewannabelikemike on November 2nd, 2004 - 11:29 pm
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code_hero on November 2nd, 2004 - 11:30 pm
I couldn't have said it better myself. This is truly depressing.

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cliffsocakid825 on November 2nd, 2004 - 11:38 pm
don't regret your tone. it's very fucking called for.

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The People's Exhibit A: californiadavidology on November 3rd, 2004 - 02:11 am
I say we and the other blue states get together and form our own country.
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driftwoodsun on November 3rd, 2004 - 02:54 am
I second this motion.
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josh: sauronsoundofthemoon on November 2nd, 2004 - 11:51 pm
I am mindful of Germany in the 1930s. Bush is the new Hitler.
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bgtothen on November 3rd, 2004 - 12:01 am
I agree with the last to people. The america that we live in now and in 4 years will be so completely different than before. For the first time in hisotry we are moving backward not foward.
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on November 3rd, 2004 - 12:45 am
It's unbelievable, isn't it? Pat Robertson's religious cabal seriously has a stranglehold over this country.

This is all going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
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Ryan: the blue penguinbcp on November 3rd, 2004 - 12:35 am
just woke up, looked at, Bush is leading by 249-242 HOW?!!
*hugs* Australia is very nice this time of year, and we have less 'quakes than California ;)

But seriously, we're voting you off the planet if Bush wins. Seriously. The whole USA.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous) on November 3rd, 2004 - 01:28 am
mglboy on November 3rd, 2004 - 01:40 am
Hillary....or Oprah!
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(no subject) - (Anonymous) on November 3rd, 2004 - 01:42 am
mglboy on November 3rd, 2004 - 01:55 am
honestly i would really take anyone over Bush...not just our favorite 1st lady or our favorite female billionaire.

I would rip the taco bell chihuahua right out of the 90's and make him president if i could.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous) on November 3rd, 2004 - 01:58 am
(no subject) - mglboy on November 3rd, 2004 - 01:59 am
Prince Mikeprincemike on November 3rd, 2004 - 04:10 pm
I'd vote for Oprah. =) I love Oprah.
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mglboy on November 3rd, 2004 - 01:40 am
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semaj_miasma on November 3rd, 2004 - 01:54 am
yes... even us australians are talking about your bush and kerry stuff. my mum n i were like "bush is a champ" hahaha no.
my mum thinks hes going to win, but she doesnt want him to. she thinks were all going to die. haha.

so australian weather is shit this time of year... but thats just my opinion. see, i like winters. they ROCK.
but we're all warthm, and sunshine this time of year. queensland though, as a subtropical is way hotter and humid, so it rains a little more here.

i dont really follow our politics... its boring. lol.
but i think our prime minister is against gays as well... though i SWEAR hes in love with bush. hypocrites. haha.

so good luck with your election.
if you ever come to australia (sif you would :P) look me up.
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Sebastian (塞巴斯蒂安) / 饒漢文vorpal on November 3rd, 2004 - 04:03 am
I'm extremely disappointed, but not surprised by the results. I had a very ominous feeling that Bush would likely win. I'm just unbelievably happy that the SSA fucked up my application and that I was forced to move back to Canada. I can't imagine living in a country where the popular vote went to ban gay marriage in 11 states, the majority of prison inmates are nonviolent drug offenders, and a profoundly evil man will almost certainly be re-elected to the most powerful position in the entire world.

People may get more tax breaks, but the way that the US dollar has been dropping, I'm not sure that they'll matter much. The Canadian dollar hasn't done this well in ages.
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semaj_miasma on November 3rd, 2004 - 06:23 am
same with the australian dollar!
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The People's Exhibit A: state of affairsdavidology on November 3rd, 2004 - 04:21 pm
Under these circumstances, you may be better off up there. I'm not sure what's in store for us in the next 4 years.

This is actually pretty scary.

We can only hope Bush takes this near loss to heart and changes. I'm not sure if there's much luck in that though.

but sorry about the fuck up. Government efficiency at its best. If only they had to be help accountable for their fuck ups.
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gatinho69gatinho69 on November 3rd, 2004 - 07:36 am
The outcome of the election is truly a sorry commentary of the general American public. I am terribly ashamed that somehow this man could and would be re-elected.
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WynRNwynrn on November 3rd, 2004 - 09:03 am
Excellent post. I couldn't agree more
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Prince Mikeprincemike on November 3rd, 2004 - 04:11 pm
Bravo! Man I wish I could be this angry on mojitos.
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on November 5th, 2004 - 12:28 am
damn bastards killed my buzz. :-P
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