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Stop mad cowboy disease


1. Brush teeth, S.S.S.
2. Work
3. Depose evil world leader
4. Gym

And with L.A. ballot #004111, I recorded my vote against George W. Bush, arguably one of the worst presidents in United States' history, certainly in our lifetime.

No matter what happens tonight, I feel at least proud that my city did the right thing. Over the past few weeks, I have been astonished to be sitting at a red light and seeing all the Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers on cars. Seriously, I'd count every car around me with one. This may not seem as amazing to those outside of L.A. who don't realize that we: (a) obsessively wash our cars, and (b) hardly ever put on bumper stickers. Our bumper stickers per capita figure may match the rest of the country, but that's mainly because of the occasional outspoken vegan who has filled every inch of the backside of his VW van with bumper stickers. The rest of us avoid it like a religious fundamentalist avoids thinking. In all seriousness, I don't know how I'd have survived in another city where "W" stickers adorned cars. It certainly wouldn't have helped my road rage, I can tell you that.

I was a bit taken back, however, when the poll worker at my precint told me I had to remove the Kerry/Edwards pin on my shirt—as was the other poll worker, who immediately told him she'd never heard that before. He then told her that he was told they would have to go so far as tell someone to turn his shirt inside out. I called it free speech; he called it "electioneering." I began to hope they wouldn't go so far as to tow my car with the Kerry bumper sticker. Whatever. It honestly had served its purpose. I didn't want the poll workers thinking I was voting for W when they saw the "R" next to my name.

Anywho... the race is on. Here's to hoping we show the world we have the sense not to reelect someone with this kind of track record. If not, I fear we won't be welcome visitors anywhere. And, honestly, who could blame them?

My prediction, FWIW, is it's going to be a bumpy ride, but America will choose the douche and not the turd sandwich. I don't think the election will be as close as we've been told. Media is reporting record turnout. High turnout is never good for the incumbent.

Meanwhile, I'll probably be praying to the Absolut gods at Here tonight. Anyone else going to this tonight?

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