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Monday we had a sudden snow storm. I think it caught a lot of ppl off guard (including me). Last news report I saw showed only showers. But the winds kicked up, and snow everywhere. Later in the day, it was a mixture of rain & snow. Snow is nice when it stays snow.. but not so much when it melts, and definitely not when mixed with rain! Doesn't help much in finding a cab either.

Anyway, the weekend over, work began, so the fun ends.

Today, I spent all day at the symposium, and I'm just exhausted. I need to go out for dinner at some point, but nothing's sounding good. I have to get most of my stuff packed tonight as well. Tomorrow I'll work from Wendy's place a bit, and we have an appointment with Columbia House.

I think I'll go back to Foodbar tonight fir a late dinner, then turn in early... ::yawns::

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