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So last night since it was after midnight when I left, I decided to skip XL. For some reason, I thought Roxy didn't open until 1, but when I read my email, I realized it not only opened at 11, but there was OPEN BAR until midnight! Oh well...

After several red bull & mandarin stoli vodkas, I was quite drunk and horny. I was determined for a while to meet someone, but there weren't too many cuties, but they were there. Of course, I only seemed to be getting hit on and groped by guys I wasn't really into. There's probably a pretty good reason for this, as I was using my patented method of getting guys. Ready to take notes? Ok, so here's what you do. When you find a guy you think is cute, you don't look at him. You can take quick glances, but as soon as he notices, look away. Under no circumstances are you to make eye contact! Don't worry, he can read your mind. ::sighs:: Yes, I did this all night. It didn't help that most of the crowd was spun or rolling, and I was just drunk. Anyway, I somehow managed to keep this up until after 7 am! I did not even notice the time pass. At this point, I just wanted to go home. After turning down one guy and then another who was spending way too much time at the urinals, I braved the daylight for one of the many cabs lined up.

I took a quick nap, headed to Chelsea for a late lunch. I found this random Thai placed (Pad Thai) at 14th and 8th (I'm writing the details so I have a record of this when I forget where it is on my next visit). They had this strange crispy noodle salad thing. I think it had honey on it or something?? Anyway, after that, I hit my SoHo H & M, walked up to the Soho Wiz to find it had already been closed down. I then headed uptown to 57th to pick at the carcass of one last Wiz store. I scored a GameShark, a GBA game, and another set of ear buds to replace the cheap ones I've been using (new ones have much better frequency response.. 18 to 20k!)

Anywho, came back and found the laptop mouse had gone nuts. It was after 7 on a Sunday; all the office supply and elecrtonic stores were closed. I frantically ran to Kmart all the way cross town. And here I am.

So that was my Sunday day. Now I'm off to Foodbar and then to XL, and then to the Park, which Treavor just told me was supposed to be really good.

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