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I just had a very blonde moment in the car, driving with the sunroof open, and the windows down, I felt water hit me along with a couple drops on my windshield. I assumed the drivers in the car in front of me were cleaning their windshield or something. But then I got hit again, and the car in front of me was now too far away, so I think someone is throwing water or something. I say to my friend, "Something wet just hit me." "Me too," he responds. Then he shrieks a bit pointing up, "It's raining."

grr... I'd forgotten it was supposed to rain tonight.

Of all nights it has to rain, it has to rain on my Saturday night?! This is the last straw. This, combined with all the shit going on in the world in the name of God, I think there is only one, clear response to this impudence: We must recall God.


WHEREAS, God has caused rained to fall on my Saturday night, endangering the lives of motorists and ruining my plans for the night;

WHEREAS, agents of God have been trampling on the rights of people all over the world and such actions have led to all kinds of nasty consequences;

WHEREAS, yadda yadda;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT, we hereby recall God from the office of Supreme Being, and will hold an immediate election to decide his replacement.

Let's get this done by Halloween. That bastard ruined my Halloween last year too. Now, let's stop this rain and get the water off the road so I can go out!

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