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I <3 NY

So here I find myself in New York again. Last night, I braved the rain out into the East Village and first went to "The Cock". Although I've seen the place from the outside before, I'd never ventured in. But, it was the only place that I could completely recognize from my past trip to East Village bars. The plae was... well.. .interesting. It was very dark. So dark, it reminded me of that after hours place in Weho that I just can't remember the name of. So I figured it was one of those places to hook up with people you'd rather not see in the light. After finishing my beer, I left and walked up & down Ave A where I recognized the doorway to this place we couldn't get into last time because one of my friends had lost his I.D. earlier. This place was packed — a little too packed. The bar wasn't that big but took a good 10 minutes to get from one end to the next. It's weird to be in a place and know no one. Usually even out here in NY, I'll invariably run into someone I know either who lives out here or from L.A.

Today was shopping day (with a brief stop at The Big Cup, hitting my favorites stores (H & M, Diesel, and the flagship Bloomingdales at 59th & Lex. I also hit Bang Bang, where you can often find one or two cute things. I hit two of the H&Ms but still have the one in SoHo to hit.

I think I saw someone die in a subway car today (either that or he's a very deep sleeper. As I sung (in my head) to "Castles In the Sky", I tussled with the thought of poking him and seeing if he was okay. "But what if he's one of those sound sleepers (or crazy) and will wake up in a rage," I thought. As I pondered my options of doing something, I looked around to others some of whom appeared to be having the same thoughts, and others who were just ignoring him all together. But then it was my stop. Seeing no MTA or NYPD officer, the responsibility was remanded to my fellow subterranean wayfarers on the Queens-bound 7 train. Ian Van Dahl and I were going to the surface, lest we be dragged across the East River with them and the dead guy.

I have to say, tt's weird seeing the National Guard, complete with large automatic military rifles, patrolling some of the subway stations like Grand Central. NYPD is everywhere, and some streets are still blocked off to vehicular traffic. The 9 train is noticeably absent from updated subway maps. When you manage to slip off into your own world, these are the things that snap you back into reality.

But enough of depressing imagery. Tonight, it's all about XL and Roxy.

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