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Strange dream

So last night I had the weirdest dream. Actually, I slept straight through my alarm but something fortunately jarred me from my slumber about 9:20 am. At any rate, the sudden wake up left me a bit disoriented from the dream but with rather good recall.

It started at an amusement park of some sort. Some friends and I were getting on a ride. I was with about 4 friends, and 2 of them were coupled. We jumped in a car, which was part of this ride. We were sitting in the ride but hadn't quite buckled the restraints when the person running the ride signaled us forward and we started. We were quickly trying to secure the harnesses before the ride took off. At some point we realized we could control the ride/car and took it to some a very scenic area (which turned out to be a pet cemetary/funeral home of all things).

The two friends who were coupled went off to find a secluded area to have sex (oh, it gets weirder). My other friend and I walked into what I guess was a service of some sort for someone's pet. I wasn't taking it all too seriously and guess was feeling guilty for not showing enough reverence. I got seperated doing something from my other two friends when I found myself with my family. We were seated during this service for this pet when I saw my friends across the room and heading for the door. I told my mom I wanted to go catch my friends and I'd be right back. I think this is about when I woke up.

It was just a tit weird.

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