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Post Coital Fest-ive Rant

Ok, so you may wonder what happened after Day Two... no more bitching. Well, I stopped whining after I got sex.. and lots of it I might brag. Goddamn.. these guys could make Christina Aguilera look frigid.. and us in l.a. like a bunch of Victorian era bred pissy queens. I'll write more about this in my blog one of these days when I'm feeling a bit more philosophical.

Speaking of beer (which, by the way, is always an apropos segue as far as I'm concerned), I've also finally tried Michelob Ultra I believe it's called... lowest carbs & calories of any beer out (supposedly). Not too bad and so far not gassy at all.

Speaking of the baby jesus, any one ever consider that we as a society have entire religions, which (although I don't have any real statistics) I would say probably a large portion of the populace buys into based upon what a primitive people believed many thousands of years ago... that is somehow deitic [sic] seed impregnated some chick and BOOM.. son of god. Never mind that some of the reasons people bought into this was because of astrology (helllooooo). Round up 12 fishermen and BOOM instant apostles. Oral Roberts says to give him millions or God's going to take him away, and America thinks he's crazy. Yea.. coz that's such a stretch to believe considering.... Correct me if I'm wrong, but we used to believe the world was flat too. We kinda got over that one much more quickly. In the interim we've killed countless people and continue to persecute more in the name of God, Baby Jesus, Mary Quite Contrary, yadda yadda.

ok you know I did really try to take in more of the holiday and be a bit more open-minded, but the mindless Christmas specials were just a bit much for me. Any more, and I'll turn into a pillar of salt. It just overwhelms me that a supposedly advanced society such as our's can believe (and often so literally) some of these things. Now lest you think I'm an atheist, let me correct:

I do believe that there is a higher power -- God, if you will. What I do not believe are our literal interpretations of things written so long ago. Yes, there was a Jesus, and probably a great humanitarian and politician... but the son of this supreme power?! And why then and not now? We scoff at prophets today because we're not that gullible, but we are still so gullible as to believe it happened so long ago? At any rate, I'm not offended if that's what you should choose to believe, however, I'll leave you with the following: don't use it to persecute, judge, or otherwise belittle others. Because there's much more fodder there for you to be judged and belittled. Take the loving, peaceful message and spare the rest of us the condemnation that seems to so freeflowing. I really don't think hate and skapegoating are what you're supposed to take away from it.

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