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wah... here I go again (changes)

I've made a very important decision tonight—at least an important one to me.

I both love and hate politics. This entry isn't honestly as much about Bush as it is myself. But of course, we're going to take the long way there. Normally, I love it because I take this attitude that politics is largely a game. Republicans and Democrats all play similar ones, and life moves on. I find it amusing to see how ppl get so worked up over little littlest shit.

Not this time. I'm not enjoying this election.

I can't seem to take that step back, and now I'm the one getting worked up, and that annoys me. In 2000, I voted for McCain and then Gore, but when Bush won, my attitude was largely, "meh. It's not the end of the world." I thought everyone was just being ridiculous with their apocolyptic predictions. I rolled my eyes. Back then, I thought people voting for Bush were wrong, but, hey, they had their opinions, and I had mine. This year, I can hardly look a Bush supporter in the eye or see a bumper sticker on a car without wanting to bash their windshield. My mom told me she was voting for that SOB today, and it was all I could do to contain my embarrassment, disappointment, and anger at her decision.

In nearly anything else, any other election, how someone votes wouldn't really matter, but I'm taking this election personally. Someone voting for Bush is voting against me and against my rights. Don't think so? It's pretty clear if you poke around. I was reading a number of posts on LJ last night from Bush supporters who in one breath pledged their allegiance to W, and in the other talked about how they were sick of "faggots" shoving this and that down their throats. "Activist judges," they cried (as if judges should be anything else but). I didn't save the links, but trust me, you don't have to look hard. They may not all be bigots, but the bigots have certainly found a friend and a home in the GOP.

Then there's the destruction W's done to our country's name. We're no longer respected by just about everyone now. The country is certainly going in the wrong direction. W is stamping out porn and forcing the born again Christian view of morality down everyone's throat.

Blah Blah But, anyway...

As I watch the news, and I read stories of New Yorkers harrassing delegates all over the city and making them feel as unwelcome as they possibly can, I actually empathize with them. I'm not a New Yorker, but I know how I'd feel, and I wish I could be in the streets with them right now. When I see images of protestors being arrested, or making their way onto the floor of the convention to get their message out, I'm all stoked, and I see heroes. And that's so unlike me.

I can't even watch 10 minutes of the convention without yelling at the TV ready to throw something at these Victorian-esque neanderthals. These aren't progressive, intelligent human beings. These are brainwashed religious zealots living in the dark ages of "Leave It to Beaver."

And I've ignored it as long as I can.

I know to a lot of people, party affiliation doesn't mean a whole lot, and my choices are largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. But to me, it says something about me. At its simplest, I believe that government should be as small as it can be to get the job done, protect people's rights, and regulate business. I think the more government does, the more control it gives them over us. At the same time, I'm not such a heartless prick as to think poorer families should go without basic health care because they don't have as good a job as I might have. And although so many Democrats annoy me, I can at least watch their convention and disagree with them without feeling the need to throw something or look down on them. I just see people with different opinions, but at least they're not trying to amend the constitution to oppress people.

So as I sit here, looking at pictures of these pasty white, backwards ass, unapologetic, country bumpkins, I realize that this party does not represent me, and it's time I move on and stop trying to convince myself otherwise. At some level, I know that this is exactly what they want (not me personally—I'm not that arrogant—but in general). The born again fundamentalists want classical conservatives out of the party so they can further their stranglehold on it. And as all the sane people leave, the inmates will be the only ones left running the asylum, but you know what? The Phyllis Shlaflys already do, and they're not going anywhere. And in the end, I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror and be proud of who and what I am.

I don't know whether I will pick "refuse to state," "independent," or Democrat. But as of today, I'm no longer a Republican. The people on that stage tonight do not represent me. I laugh at them. I see them as either hateful and/or brain washed idiots. For better or for worse, we are a two party system, and I would like to have some say so in the primaries, so I feel as if I need to pick one or the other.

I know that there are some who will say: How can you support the Democrats? Don't you know what you'll end up paying in taxes? Well, who knows. But let's say even if they are right, and with the Democrats I end up paying a couple more percentage points a year in taxes. With the Republicans, I lose the right to marry the person I will hopefully one day fall in love with. With the Republicans, with every judge appointment, I lose a little more of my freedom, as they try to rob me of my dignity a little more.

And you know what? That's worth so much more to me than even a couple thousand of theoretical dollars I might one day pay a year in taxes. And if anyone is going to rob me of my dignity, it will be me with the help of a man named Jose Quervo.

So while I'm being all melodramatic, to President Bush and the Republican Party, I'd like to say a great big FUCK YOU from me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a change of party form to download. and that's enough of this political shit for a while.</republican>

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