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EVERY sperm is sacred

Me (mocking the religious right): ...You know they think every sperm is sacred.

Tony: If every sperm is sacred, my bedspread is the Shroud of Turin.

– – –

And the retard award of the day goes!

Although I was pretty much done, I somehow managed to linger at work an extra 45 minutes. "How?" You ask.

Well, my computer clock was being a bitch so I changed it to sync with the government ntp server (if I'm going to have a clock at all, I'm pretty OCD about making sure it's synchronized). Somehow in the process I managed to uncheck the little box to automatically adjust the clock for daylight savings time.

So... I'm sitting there like a retard thinking, "Wow, everyone is going home early today. Maybe I should too." As I start getting my stuff together, I notice the time on my phone says it's an hour later.

WTF was immediately followed by D'OH!

Corrected it, and *poof* 5:45 becomes 6:45.


(This is what happens when I don't have caffeine first thing in the morning.)

now, i think i'll go to the gym and try to work off some sexual energy... which will backfire.

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