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Welcome to California! Now, go home.

Ever see the episode of "I Love Lucy""The Brady Bunch" where the washing machine overflows with suds? Anyway, I think I almost did that in the laundry room, although I'm not sure how.
- - -

Although many will decry this as the end of the summer (which I've never understood, because our hottest months are yet to come here in SoCal, and there are many weekends of beach weather left). Nonetheless, I'm glad that it does signal the end of the tourist season so that the beaches will become overrun by hot surfers and skaters and less large people with their shirts tucked into their shorts (what's up with that, really?)

Saturday, Joey, Tim, and I went roller blading on Venice Beach. Well, Tim ran while Joey and I roller bladed. The wind was against us, so we didn't quite make it to the Palisades as last time. We decided, much like we did 2-3 months ago, that we'd do this weekly (this was our second such "weekly" visit this summer). After the beach, we hit up Coldstone. To the right, may I present to you, the Cocoa Banana Cabana! For those of you who've not had the pleasure, it's banana ice cream, bananas, chocolate fudge, caramel, yellow cake, and whipped cream in one giant sugar bomb of pleasure. Leaving Coldstone, we saw aliens—well, they'd might as well be. We were a bit shocked to see some very pasty old white guy and lady guarding a Bush sign with an arrow pointing down the street. I'm always shocked to see them, because you don't find much support for the idiot here. I was amused they needed to guard the sign (probably prudent, it would have been destroyed in mere minutes). I surmised that it was probably more of a support group rather than a rally.

Saturday night, I ventured over the hill to the Valley for Joey's launch party for his new club night, wearing a t-shirt eviltickles showed me. Since my recent pseudo-hibernation for the past couple of months, I'd not seen a few people in a while. I was also surprised to see how effed up I got off one drink. I came home and passed out somewhere around the neighborhood of 5:00, to wake up bright and early around 11:00 to get ready for the beach to see Charlotte.

I met up with Jamie obsidian_heart, Jon, and Noel a bit late, about a minute I think into Charlotte's set. It was really awesome seeing them and Charlotte again. I was pretty stoked to find out Char may be playing the Hotel again soon. I thought those days might be over.

Anywho, good times... good times.

I probably should have gotten a couple of pics of us all hanging out between and after the show, but, yeah, I didn't.

finally... my sunburn (although you can't really tell from my lame ass webcam).


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