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Summer fun

This weekend, I went with a couple friends to the big, gay Raging Waters adventure. 3 bus loads of gay bois + several bottles of tequila = fun times. On weekends of course, the lines are too long, but we still had fun hanging out and shit. All the busses came back, and we all continued the drinking,, chilled in the jacuzzi and pool. Later there was a bit of jacuzzi and pool nakedness, a little groping... All in good fun.

In the midst of that, I overheard part of discussion between a girl and a guy. I overheard the inebriated guy, who spoke with an Italian accent, say he thought 9/11 was masterminded by the U.S. government and the "Jews." My drink and I moved to the other side of the jacuzzi. Some time later, we left. Having had a total of about 4 hours of sleep from the night before, I passed the hell out as soon as we got back to my place.

Fast forward to Sunday, John and I decide to be domestic and head off to Ikea.

Ikea is a truly magical place: it's a place where you can get furniture, lighting, appliances, and a boyfriend—all in one convenient location! We usually head down to the one in the Carson, but then we looked up the traffic and saw the Sunday carnage. Not wanting to spend the rest of the day stuck on the freeway, we knew what we'd have to do.

We'd have to go to....


Narrator: THE VALLEY


We made our way up and over the hill. 25 minutes and 15 extra degrees later, we made it to Ikea. I wanted to get some ideas for my bedroom. Unfortunately, Ikea will be a bargain for one thing, and another is way overpriced for what it is (let's face it, Ikea's stuff isn't really meant to last forever). I've not yet decided if the eye candy is cuter in Burbank or Carson. There are a couple of employees I would have liked to have licked, and one str8 boi who looked like he'd walked right off a Bel Ami video.

I managed to come out with a few lights, some ideas, and no digits. We braved the heat and insane Valley drivers and made our way back over the hill unscathed.

Anywho, it's lame that in the past couple of years it seems there's almost no time you can go south of the 10 on the 405 anymore without running into a wall of traffic (especially in the summers). How am I supposed to do an adequate study to determine which Ikea has the hotter concentration of gay bois? I think it's about time we get a couple of priority lanes on the 405 for westsiders, and while we're at it, I think we should get priority parking at the beach!

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