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Da Bombs

So like Chancellor Garon totally has anger management issues. Seriously, yo, it's called Xanax, right? Or maybe you just need to be laid. Dayam, bitch. You just need to chill.

So today, well, today was b0ring. But... did go 2 my fave place for sushi for lunch—the California Roll Factory. The sushi there is always so fresh and so effin good. A little tempura lobster roll, yang (spicy tuna+tabasco+asparagus), and a new one we've not tried before: Da Bomb (smoked salmon, shrimp, and a grip of other stuff). "SOOO GOOD!"

Speaking of "da bomb," after a recent visit to Nijiya with a couple friends, I snapped the following pics with my horrid camera phone. These are sooooooo wrong.


In the wrongest of the wrong, the gelatinous goop on the left contians peas. Yes, peas. There appears to be some sort of chocolate fudge on the bottom encased in a gelatinous goop made of, probably rice or beans. I dunno. It's just wrong10. The one on the right appears to be potato slices encased in carbonite

And, finally, rounding out our excursion to Nijiya, I bring you "da bomb":

::pauses for applause::

As for me, right now I'm sitting on a yoga ball typing this lame entry. We had our carpets cleaned this evening, so all my furniture—including my chair—is stuffed inside my bathroom. At the moment, my Yahoo!-Geocities donated chair is holding up one of my lamps, and I am sipping my third fourth glass of wine while the <air quotes>Thoro Matic</air quotes> the landlord left is blowing 660 watts of pure blowing power on my feet to dry the carpet.

I think the tipsy plan of the moment is to move the <air quotes>Thoro Matic</air quotes> back to the living room to dry the area there, but I don't want to run it all night. I'm considering plugging it into an X10 module so I can have it shut off some time after I go to sleep but in my semi-drunken state, I can't remember if motors are an inductive load or a resistive load. The difference is significant in that the appliance module I have can amply handle a 6 amp resistive load, but not a 660 watt inductive one. This is an odd drunken thought. Anywho, not wanting to burn the house down while I sleep, maybe I'll just turn the damn thing off. Things that could start fires are best handled during more sober moments. So... uhm... yeah. wtf was I talking about? blowers? carpet? Wine bottles?

Oh yeah, happy b-day Cliffy

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