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My car spoils me

Sometimes I hate my car, but I never realized how much it spoils me.

Today I dropped it off for a tit of service. Recalls, and, most importantly, the dead CD changer (insert sad emoticon). My loaner, which I was excited to try out, is the G35. Of course, it's the sedan and not the coupe (which is actually a totally different car), but we can still give it a shot. The coupe [edit/typo: sedan] has the same engine as my car, and is a little lighter, so supposedly gets going a little quicker, but this car is sooo different.

Moon Over My Hammy
I spent about 5 minutes in the parking lot of the dealer trying to get the moon roof open. I still can't do it. I think the bastard thing is broken. From what I can tell, I think you're supposed to hold the button down to open it, which seems not-so-smart considering that trying to drive while having to hold your finger on a button up in the air doesn't seem particularly safe. At least it's a "June-gloom" day so there's no sun to be had. (Now, can someone please tell, God, Allah, Buddah, Cher that it's not June, in fact, almost AUGUST. We have an agreement, and s/he is currently in breach. I expect to see the Sun by noon. k.thx.)

Being overcast, I went to move the lights from AUTO to ON. There's no AUTO. WTF. It's 2004, and this thing can't determine if it's sunny or dark outside without me telling it? Call me technologically spoiled, but this is strike 2. All I have to say to that is if I drive around without headlights at night because the stupid car doesn't know it's night time, the car better be the one to get the ticket. Fortunately I remembered to turn them off when I got to where I was going. I'm not sure I can trust the damn thing to turn them off. Stupid thing would probably let itself drain the battery down to nothing, which sort of seems like eating a hamburger and not stopping when you get to your fingers.

Playing with the Tiptronic transmission was a bit fun. Now, I must say I've never understood the point of this since I often use "3," "2," and "1" when I want extra speed or engine breaking. Boy, was I wrong. This thing is fun. It lets you do stupid things like start in 3rd. I want.

But after I parked, I just wanted to open the trunk. The switch was missing. At least, it wasn't in the usual Nissan place in the driver's door. After searching around, I was beginning to think that you needed the remote to open it (which I didn't have). Finally found a random button hiding in this obscure place behind one of the glove compartment doors, which I'd looked in 4 times before I spotted it. It's very subtle. Five minutes later, the trunk is open.

Overall, I'm not sure I like this car. It drives nice, but the inside feels kinda feel chintzy (is that a word?) The rear view mirror isn't even automatic on this thing (c'mon that's like a $50 part). But I'm going to have fun driving it.

But the really bad news: The CD changer is a part they have to order from Bose and takes 1-2 weeks to come. I don't know if I can handle this.

Finally, for gantrioch

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