Jul. 22nd, 2004
It's time, Imedla  

This morning when I pulled my closet door, I heard a snap followed by much tumbling. The shoe rack (formerly) attached to the door experienced a catastrophic failure. This may be a sign that I have too many shoes (I only really wear about a half dozen of them). This is all that is left, and how my closet looks at the moment. Time for my 20% off coupon and I to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, whip out the Bob Villa toolbelt, and get to work.

This past weekend I ice skated for the second time ever at the Blades Gay Hockey League fundraiser thingy. Picture, me, on ice skates, skating to ABBA, saying, "I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die," as I went barreling down the slippery ice, and you pretty much have the event in a nutshell for me. Actually, I had much fun doing non-weho things. Once again, I did not fall ONCE. Go, me!

- - -

This week I bought the domain giantassclown.com. I'm not really sure why. I just have a problem buying domains I don't need. I guess I could set it up to have email. Might be fun to have an email address at giantassclown.com hehe. Add it to the list. Maybe I'll come up with something creative for it later.

- - -

I saw I, Robot yesterday evening. It's actually not horrible. I would say I stayed entertained, but a little too campy of an ending. The worst part? The nauseating product placement from Converse. Showing him wearing the high tops would have been more than enough. Bringing them into the dialog with "My Converse high tops circa 2004" was over the top and made it go to uber lame, hella fast. But anywho... it's worth seeing, although I'd go somewhere for $10—not worth the $14 at the Bridge.

- - -

Charlotte's new CD is on Amazon, complete with picture now, and available for pre-ordering (hint hint). I'll even give you the link. You should buy it! Or two... or three! You can't have too many. They make great gifts. Click here NOW. Do it for the children!
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Ceira Denisegiftedeccentric on July 22nd, 2004 - 05:22 pm
Wow...are...all those really your shoes?? ::Blink:: That's a lot of shoes, dude. More then me. ::Tear:: Though I do lay claim to about 10 pairs of flip flops. . .
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on July 22nd, 2004 - 08:55 pm
They are indeed. I need to clean that mess up.
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beachboyty: AnFbeachboyty on July 22nd, 2004 - 05:26 pm
why does it feel like a guilty pleasure to have seen inside your closet?? *shudders* im such a freak sometimes lol

seriously, thats a lot of footwear to be cleaning up...May the Force be with you! ;)
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on July 22nd, 2004 - 08:56 pm
hmm... davidscloset.com... webcam.

I see it in the future.
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Dustinclewell99 on July 22nd, 2004 - 10:29 pm
It's a guilty pleasure seeing in his pants as well.
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beachboyty: parkbeachboyty on July 23rd, 2004 - 09:43 am
I don't know that I would associate any guilt with THAT particular pleasure. My daddy taught me at least a FEW good lessons. You know, about counting blessings and looking gifthorses in the mouth...that kind of thing. ;)
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bgtothen on July 22nd, 2004 - 06:09 pm
HAHA. I have a pair of shoes that you have. : )
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on July 22nd, 2004 - 08:07 pm
It's the blue Diesels, huh?

Everyone seems to have a pair of those in their closet. =)
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Jean-Baptistexorn on July 24th, 2004 - 08:53 pm
Including me.

Hey, I'm Allan.
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Milamber: Cam and Teddy Bearmilamberrex on July 22nd, 2004 - 06:12 pm
the scooby house shoes, uber kewt :)
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on July 22nd, 2004 - 08:07 pm
i <3 my slippers =)
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Grant: earsnaomhaisling on July 22nd, 2004 - 06:20 pm
vicious shoe crash.
I hope it cleans up nicely :P
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nx01deevolution on July 22nd, 2004 - 08:02 pm
I didn't know you had a shoe rack.
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on July 22nd, 2004 - 08:05 pm
had being the right word. I'm off to fix this shortly!
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Mark: Chicken and Eggmillenium_spike on July 22nd, 2004 - 08:41 pm
you can never have too many shoes! i'm sure you can find a reason to wear each and every pair! :-)

it's always weird for me when someone says that they can't skate cuz almost everyone in Canada knows how (I think it's like a requirement here). So whenever someone says they don't know how to skate, i'm like "Huh?" LOL
But you live in a place of perfect warm weather so I would say that's a good trade for not knowing how to skate LOL ;-)
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on July 22nd, 2004 - 08:43 pm
sk8ing I can do... It's when you add the ice, I need a lot more practice!
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BoyGryphonboygryphon on July 22nd, 2004 - 08:41 pm
on behalf of the new york boys, who have produced the hottest gay boy hockey team ever (check out the calendar... for real) kudos. Oh, and I hear the shoe problems. My shoe rack is not meeting current needs and I haven't even begun to build a collection.
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on July 27th, 2004 - 02:24 am
hmm.. .Where does one get this calendar?
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Link)
BoyGryphonboygryphon on July 27th, 2004 - 07:28 am
sadly it's no longer for sale! :-(

However, you can make your own by perusing the photo galleries af various teams (I think hottest team is a toss up between Boston and NYC, DC might vie once I join in...lol)

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D a y s p r i n g: NR! fsu hatsextypeboy on July 22nd, 2004 - 10:38 pm
What a disaster, but I think your scooby slippers are very cute.
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driftwoodsun on July 22nd, 2004 - 10:48 pm
You know, I used to be a professional closet designer.

I could help.

If I lived in your state, that is.

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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on July 23rd, 2004 - 02:11 am
*sigh* My closet desperately needs your help. Despite my efforts, it's always a mess!
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gatinho69gatinho69 on July 25th, 2004 - 05:42 pm
Your journal is great. Fun to see what your newest conundrum is. I am adding you and hope that is okay. I just started my own journal, see what you think.
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Poet Guypharm1215 on July 25th, 2004 - 05:55 pm
I saw I, ROBOT too. I think the previews make out to be much better than it is-- but entertaining none the less.
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Dizzy Athan the Greekfaggypants on July 27th, 2004 - 11:12 am
sadly i can see the future...
of my shoe rack... =(

i have the same one. i actually noticed the other day when i was putting my shoes away that for some reason they had a lot more room going in and not sticking out so much off the back bar... then i noticed the bottom of the rack is repelling against the closet door and slowly gravitating away from the door... the only part that is even in contact with the closet door anymore is the top. /| <-- kinda like that.

thanks for the heads up so i can enjoy and cherish the luxury and convenience of putting my shoes away with ease and not tossed in a pile on the floor. curious tho, how long have you had yours? we have had ours for 3 months tops if that.
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The People's Exhibit Adavidology on July 27th, 2004 - 06:53 pm
Re: sadly i can see the future...
Ahh.. yes, that's how it begins. I could manage to put it back by moving the shoes, but it would still start to push out. Then I started to notice a crack on the top. It wasn't long after.

I think I had it for about a year though, so you should have time!
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Dizzy Athan the Greekfaggypants on July 28th, 2004 - 08:59 am
Re: sadly i can see the future...
Funny enough the bottom few racks detached last nite when we opened the door. It's like a 1/2 deja vu ~ tho we were able to fix that (for now).
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