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Flying isn't the same

I hate long security lines... I hate waiting for cabs because Oakland Airport now only allows one car at a time. I hate war. This post-9/11 world sucks. We lived in a world of increasing globalization with increased easy travel and the internet.

Foreigners are looked at suspiciously. Airplanes are virtually under lockdown preceded by a strip search. The borders have been fortified; we're building more missiles and defense systems, and the whole world is going to shit. This is, of course, what Osama Bin Laden & Saddam Hussein probably wanted all along — to stop the trend towards globalization.


Looking for reading material for the plane ride was tricky. I didn't want to read about the war, but everything else seemed to frivolous. I settled on Newsweek.

Rode the MTA of the airline industry (SouthWest). It's not a bad airline if they'd assign people seats. I guess it didn't matter, as I'd arrived sufficiently early for the "A" group. I'm told for our trip back tomorrow, the time we need to leave will be dictated by whether or not there are protests. Can you believe that? Someone told me they actually blocked the Bay bridge during Friday rush hour traffic last week. While it would be a stretch to call them terrorists, I equate them with pro-life demonstrators blocking entrances to abortion clinics, and give them an equal amount of respect.

I'm ready for this stupid war to be over. I still can't believe Bush has managed to allienate the entire world to the point there are people sympathizing with Iraq. It's going to take years to undo the damage Bush has done. I guess one thing to look forward to is, we'll live in a world without Saddam Hussein, and hopefully without Bush as our President come 2005... assuming we all survive.

It's disappointing to realize that we as human beings haven't evolved to a point where war is unnecessary. It's such a barbaric act.... and largely provoked by religious zealots. It's amazing people are still killed in the name of "God". Does society really evolve? I guess many do. But the ones who don't still cause problems, both in this country, and abroad.

Ahhh... the ambien is starting to kick in. It's way too early for me to go to bed, but I'm utterly bored here, and not much to do in San Francisco on a Monday night. I ended up working out in the hotel gym and taking a nice long bath in the huge bathroom. I guess I'll try to find some channel not talking about the war before I pass out. Back to L.A. tomorrow night....

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