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NY Pride Photos

One of the things that really stood out at NY Pride was the energy and the diversity of the group. It seems our local prides have been seperated into "Pride" then black pride, latino pride, etc. I'm not sure if NY has those as well, but I can say everyone seemed fairly well represented at the parade, and it made for an effin great time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to sneak a picture of the wicked hot guy sitting in the window above us (I tried to pretend I was shooting the crowd while holding the camera backwards, but I somehow got someone's foot). Oh well... a few of the pics I took are behind the cut.

Here are a few shots of the crowd around us:

Crowd Shot

Crowd Shot

Crowd Shot

This was a very large group behind the "New Yorkers United Against the Amendment" banner. They got mad amounts of cheers from the crowd as they paraded by.

New Yorkers United Against the Amendment

PFLAG groups from around the area had a great presence in the parade. Here are a couple of shots.



Considering George W. declaring war on the rights of all gays, it should come as no surprise Bush didn't get a lot of love in this parade. This was my favorite banner, obviously an attack on GWB's politics of division and his audacious comparison of himself to Reagan. The banner reads "Mr. Bush Tear These Walls Down: Homophobia." This was also another PFLAG group.

PFLAG to Mr. Bush: Tear down these walls

There were many groups defending the rights of gays to marry. Here is the Straight Alliance for Marriage Equality (SAME).

Straight Alliance for Marriage Equality

There were series of walkers and cars of couples who were together for a long time. This particular couple has been together for 26 years.

Together 26 years

This was a small group from ACT-UP.



Here's the SWISH float (Straight Women In Support of Homos)


This was one of my favorite groups from behind the banner of Venezuelan Pride. Very upbeat float, great music. They were having hella fun!

Venezeulan Pride

But this... this might be my favorite float (or at least it was my most photographed one). The HX float. Their outfits were quite see through.




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