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Being in NY reminds me....

  • Yoko Ono love me long time
  • The worst pizza in NY is still better than the best pizza in L.A.
  • You can eat too much pizza (must I relearn this everytime I'm there)
  • I forgot how fucking awesome Wendy's food is
  • L.A. bois are prettier than east coast boys... but NY bois are hotter
  • I feel like a kid in a candy store at Roxy and The Park (albeit a drunk one)
  • NY has their share of bitchy queens too
  • L.A. subways might get used more if they actually went anywhere useful
  • You can be drunk 5 nights in a row
  • I still don't like humidity
  • I somehow managed to avoid the L and S trains my entire trip (yay, me)
  • Alcohol gets expensive when you don't have to drive
  • You can actually go out in the rain
  • L.A. clubs are boooooooooooring
  • L.A. cops clearly have too much time on their hands
  • L.A. may have Pink Dot, but NY has pot delivery
  • I'd spend a lot more in Yellow Rat Bastard if they carried more small sizes (this is probably a good thing)
  • H&M is really hit and miss (this time, miss)
  • We take things far too personally in L.A.
  • Jay walking is far more efficient
  • It's still good to be home.

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