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I love you... forever

I have much to report on, including many pictures. However, first, in my drunken stupor, I will report on Yoko Ono. So Saturday, at Freedom Fest or whatever, we were innocently standing by the bar when someone followed by an entourage came through. We had no clue who it was but were curious. Then "Karen" from Will & Grace gave some crazy flattering welcome to Yoko Ono, calling her a genius, a poet, among other things. Now this is where it got weird....

The DJ begins to play a typical circuity-party dance beat, whereupon Yoko begins to make orgasm sounds. After a bit of this, she then begins to sing"I love you... forever." She did this repeatedly for about 20 minutes while my friends and I just looked at each wondering what was going on. Some people were cheering. Others were frightened. One of the guys next to us said Yoko Ono always sounded like a clucking chicken to him. Seriously, this was one of the most cracked out things I'd witnessed but, hey, maybe the woman was high on crack when she did this. Who knows? It's all good. We had fun.

But it gets stranger still. I'm in line for the bathroom port-o-potties when I hear some guy gushing on about Yoko. "But Yoko. She was FIERCE! I can die now. I can't believe how incredible she was."


Seriously, I'm not exaggerating. The woman stood there, microphone in hand, making (bad) orgasm noises, repeating over and over "I love you [long pause] forever." There were no other words. There was no performance, other than her moving her head back and forth.

I don't get it. Was this some sort of odd performance art?

Confused in Manhattan

P.S. Yoko was followed later by Ru Paul (who was fierce). Bad pictures to follow.

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