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Thanks to my roommate Sumner, who works for the awesome Lion's Gate Entertainment, I was privy to an employee screening of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 Monday night.


I should point out, I'm not a Michael Moore fan. I find him to be a bit of a loud mouthed blow hard. However, I respect his ability to evoke emotion in his movies. The part that bothers me about him is that he does have a penchant for exaggeration or looking for extreme examples. In a "documentary," that can come across as less than honest. It bothers me, but as long as you keep that in mind when viewing his films, you are able to appreciate the exaggeration as a method to prove his point. Taken in that context, Bowling for Columbine was both brilliant and hysterical. But much like I did with BFC, I'm anxious to read some of the legitimate critiques of his film once it's released. I'm of course not talking about those freaks who seek to censor the film (ironically) in the name of patriotism (I could care less about those idiots), but rather those who take it to task for accuracy.  However, prior to that, I still feel compelled to comment on what I've seen.

I laughed a lot in BFC. While there were moments of laughter in F911, I wasn't left as entertained. I was left angry—furious, in fact. the truth is, if even 10% of what was written in F911 is accurate, we should all be angry. George W. Bush should be impeached, dragged into the Reflecting Pond by Secret Service, and forced to apologize to the American people and to the world.

There are many who have cried that F911 is anti-American propaganda, irresponsible, and against our troops. I disagree. I found this film to be serious, to be very pro-America, and Moore was nothing if not careful to point out the sacrifices our troops make.

Moore isn't really telling us anything new in F911. For the most part, he's not really telling us much we haven't heard before. He just puts it all together. There are many clips that are direct quotes. And while they can certainly be taken out of context, most of them quite honestly stand on their own.

I don't think Moore's commentary is the source of my anger, however. What causes my rage is that I gave GWB the benefit of the doubt when we went into Iraq. I even wrote in here how I thought we must be going into Iraq for a justifiable reason. We all knew the weapons of mass destruction were a smoke screen, but I still believed that there was some reason that our foreign policy would be best served by going into Iraq—perhaps one that he couldn't discuss publically. People said we were only going in because of greed. I disagreed, I found it unconscionable to suggest that a U.S. President would send our troops into harm's way for money. I think I was wrong.

Don't get me wrong. Hussein was a bad guy, who had no right to be in power. I don't cry that we deposed him. However, we are not there to free the Iraqi people. Republican philosophy on foreign policy is generally very clear. All foreign policy has to meet one criterion: does it serve the just needs of the United States. That may sound selfish, but let's face it, we're not out there to be the world's police force. We go in when bad things are happening and it serves our needs.

But what need does occupying Iraq serve? What need does deposing Hussein serve? Tell me. Did he really represent a threat to Americans? Osama bin Laden attacked the United States—repeatedly. Why has he not been brought to justice? WHY?!

American troops are dying every fucking day because of this liar in the White House. And we only hear about (some of) the deaths. We don't even hear about our troops who are permanently disabled, whose lives have been ruined because of this no good son of a bitch we call king.


Don't hand me this bullshit that it's because we're there to free the Iraqi people. Let's be honest, that makes good P.R., but we're not that selfless when it comes to dedicating American lives.

You should see this film. You should urge your friends to see this film. The world should see this film. It nearly brought me to tears numerous times to realize the tremendous loss of American lives, to see the young guys permanently disfigured, families of troops destroyed, to see the horrible destruction and loss of life that has been caused at our hands—not for freedom, not to defend our country—all for this worthless bastard in the White House. War is ugly, but I'm not some peacenik who would say it's never necessary (In fact, I think we should be doing everything—everything—necessary to see Osama bin Laden and Al Queda pay for their crimes). Moore makes a very good point in the movie: our troops give a tremendous sacrifice for us, and the only thing they ask in return is that we not send them in harm's way when it's not necessary to defend our country.

At the very least, Bush should be forced to stand trial in front of Congress to answer for what he has done. Personally, I don't buy that this was all an intelligence failure. I think he's a liar. I think he's a goddamned, greedy liar.

Please see this film. If you're not a Bush supporter, it will motivate you and piss you off. If you are a Bush supporter who doesn't plan to see it, what are you afraid of finding out? This is too important.

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