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Uplifting Sex


pretty sure someone was doing a little somethin' something' in our elevator. At least I can't come up with any other explanation as to why the call light kept immediately going off as if the elevator were already on my floor and the odd slurping and gagging noises I heard (one of the new girls in the building needs practice).

Now, I'm not going to say the thought of pulling off someone's clothes in a fit of hawt elevator lust has never crossed my mind—in fact, quite the opposite. However, (a) I'm not nearly quiet enough during and (b) the thought of having to face my neighbors afterwards is a bit unsettling. Of course, many would probably suggest that the fact that I'm even concerned about (b) probably suggests that I don't fully get the whole idea of it anyway. But then, dirty talk makes me giggle so I guess there are a few things I don't quite get... yet.

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