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It's over.

It had to happen.

I guess it's true what they say: nothing lasts forever. We almost made it to one year. Last July, I told you guys about my boyfriend, Things had been fine. You know, you're in a relationship for a while, so the excitement goes down a bit, but things were still going well. Lately though, I'd noticed I wasn't hearing from him nearly as much. I think I was clued off that something was wrong when he didn't even tell me that Season Six of "Sex and the City" was available on DVD. I had to hear about it from the street.

But today is when it really happened. I walked out to the mailboxes, and there it was, sitting there, staring me in the face—that familiar box, with the dark line and "Amazon" emblazoned across its package, but he wasn't there for me. He had the name of someone else tattooed to his chest. I couldn't believe it. I was crushed.

It's hard to believe, but I guess it's really over.

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