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I saw my friend Jack off

JackI guess grammatically, that should have read: "I saw my friend, Jack, off." Saturday night, Adam threw a party at his place for us to say bye to Jack, who is moving to Costa Rica of all places. I rarely see Jack anymore, but I'll miss him and his sarcastic wit. Costa Rica would be a random location for anyone to move to, really, except Jack. I'm convinced he'll be back, mostly 'coz everyone who tries to leave L.A. always comes back. I'm not sure if that's because L.A. is home, the smog manipulates your DNA, or the city does indeed steal your soul, as Mr. Cohen of "The O.C." might have us believe.

Either way, he's leaving very soon, and I hope he finds what he's looking for. And if he does, I hope he lets me in on the secret, 'cause, dayam. I'm running out of ideas.

The Cold War

Unfortunately, I've been fighting this cold since Friday, and I do mean fighting. It's me v. a stupid cold virus. Determined not to miss the party, I took so many vitamins, echinacea pills, and zinc tablets that I actually upset my stomach a little—collateral damage. Hey, "you can't cook an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Every cook knows that."

I managed to get there with some of my faculties in attendance. But it was pretty clear all my synapses weren't firing. I was definitely not myself. I think I forgot even my own name at one point. Fortunately as the night went on, the cold meds wore off, and the brain started working again. I did get to see Chris fivebyfive again, [and Cliff socakid825), and I finally met somthingscatchy. I saw him around the party a few times, thought it was him, but too dazed to know for sure. Considering my state of mind, I doubt I made a good first impression.

It was splediferous (now there's a word that doesn't get enough play) running into Chris punkdhiver and hanging out a bit. Unfortunately, there wasn't much time to say "bye" to many people. I normally like to chill for a while after the party's winding down, but we knew the valet line was going to be a mess. Since my mucus was beginning to regroup and make another assault, Mike and I decided to bail.


Sunday, Ryan and I headed down to the LBC for pride. :yawns: That's all I have to say about that. We spent wasted $20 on entrance. There was some tented leather tent or something that had signs saying you had to be 18 to get into. Thinking it might be interesting, we ran in. Nope. Just some hairy bear (I guess that's redundant) talking about proper etiquette in pouring candle wax on human flesh. Although the guy bound to the table looked like he might have been hot—too bad he had a bag over his head. We briefly sat down, while I played the little racing game Ryan had given me from his Happy Meal earlier. Realizing this tent had a greater chance of being scary than hot, we bounced out.

That pretty much sums up my weekend. Now, it's off to get rid of a little more mucus.

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