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What does one wear for a war?

Tomorrow is D-day for the Iraqi conflict. Bush, Blair and the rest of the coalition are poised to make their decision to start the war in Iraq, and I have nothing to wear.

Should I wear my khakis? Or are my black velvet pants more appropriate? Perhaps war is more of a formal affair, but I really don't like to wear ties.

So as we sit on the brink of war, I look dishearteningly at images of protestors burning images of Bush, the American Flag. We went from having the world's sympathy following 9-11 to now being most reviled. I've heard cries from even friends that our President is more evil than Hussein. Certainly, everytime I see VV on TV, I cringe. He makes me almost embarrassed to be an American. But as distasteful as it is to say (on so many levels), I think he's right. (Christ.. did I say that?)

Hussein been playing games with the world for years, killing his people, dabbling in a little ethnic cleansing — giving him another month or two months or even a year won't make a difference. He's been making a mockery of the United Nations and the rest for the world for years. Even if he doesn't still have biological or chemical weapons today (and I think that's a big if), I think it's a safe bet that he will try to get them. And it's an even safer bet that if he is given opportunity to amass them (assuming he hasn't already), he will use them indiscriminately.

One need only listen to his own words to see that. Case in point, as reported by NBC today: Saddam warned Sunday that if Iraq is attacked, it will take the war anywhere in the world wherever there is sky, land or water." Strikingly, no one attacks Hussein for making that comment. They use it to further go after Bush as the cause of this. No matter what Hussein does, it's Bush's fault for causing it. It's exactly those thoughts that make me a little more sure of my stance. Short term security probably isn't a good enough benefit when faced with what could happen in the long term. The anti-war factions have failed in their arguments, I think, worse than Bush has. In fact, they've probably played more into Hussein's hands than anything. But I do understand the fear people have... But I also know enough that in situations such as this, you have to remove your emotions and look at it strategically. I don't like Bush, but I'm not so blinded by those feelings that I cannot see beyond them, as I feel many can't.

There are probably 20 very good reasons to oust Hussein — no, wait, 21. The fact that there is such a disdain for this action only goes to prove what a fool Bush can be. This was a slam dunk. But somehow his lack of even a semblance of diplomacy and outright ineptitude has almost the entire globe hating us more than Hussein. Bush only has himself to blame, and we only have him to blame for that. As it stands, I doubt Bush will remain in the White House next term. But beyond all that, this entire issue cannot be reduced to the same old tired anti-war sound bytes we hear over and over.

Yes, I'm scared. No, I don't trust nor like Bush. Regardless, there's not a whole lot I can do but pop a xanax, sit on some duct tape, and hope for the best.

Now, do I wear my blue sweater or my gray hoodie?

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